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Whether thinking of becoming an aircraft owner, pilot/owner, or simply looking for an aircraft charter, then look no further!

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Learning to fly, either for fun or for career, is an exhilarating moment. Jumping onto an aeroplane and flying off, will quickly squeeze thousands of memories into your life album. Sharing the skies with family and friends, makes the value of the moment unimaginable. In earning your wings, Jet O’Clock has one and only aim, to walk along with you, from the very first step of your pilot training journey, until the moment you unfold your wings and safely…fly on your own!
With the safety of you and your loved ones in mind, Jet O’Clock is committed to deliver a complete custom-made pilot training program, crafted around your own needs, abilities, hopes and concerns. No matter the cockpit you have dreamt of sitting in – anything from the sweet little Cessna 152, to the transcontinental Gulfstream G700 – we will go above and beyond to ensure safety!

At Jet O’Clock, we always go the extra mile to bring the perfect aircraft to your doorstep. Whether you’re interested in buying your first aircraft, or you are stepping up, Jet O’Clock can provide a great solution to match your needs. We take care of the whole process of acquiring any aircraft and its subsequent ownership. We share valuable tips along the way or blowing the whistle on potential pitfalls. We also provide management services for your aircraft, from hangarage to maintenance. You get a complete peace of mind.

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The aviators of our company have over 20 years of experience in commercial and private aviation, over 20.000 of flight experience and have conducted approximately 2000 trips over the course of their career.


When you fly with Jet O’Clock, you fly with peace of mind. Our focus on private aviation safety permeates every aspect of our business, helping to keep owners, students and crew safe.


At Jet O’Clock, we take pride of our values and we build relationships on Trust and Respect. We lead the way and we are determined to deliver value to all our clients. Together we can make a difference


Promptness, transparency and reliability are some of the values that we carry along on our journeys. We always strive to deliver a special experience with our high standards, inside and outside the flight deck.

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