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Your time and privacy are precious and with airports getting busier month on month, you can now enjoy the privileges of private flying with maximum flexibility. Fly at the times that suit your own schedule and to the most convenient airport together with your partners, associates or family. Stay in control of every element of the journey.  We can provide crew 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year that can provide everything you need before during and after the flight.

With the safety of you and your loved ones in mind, Jet O’Clock is committed to delivering a complete custom-made pilot training program, crafted around your own needs, abilities, hopes and concerns. No matter the cockpit you have dreamt of sitting in – anything from the sweet little Cessna 152, to the transcontinental Gulfstream G700 – we will go above and beyond to ensure safety.

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Jet o’Clock values all safety rules and international flight laws. Your personal and flight security is our two top priorities prior to and while on a flight.


Before each flight, our experienced team closely examines the aircraft to make sure that everything operates normally.   

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