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Learn to fly your own aircraft

Learning to fly, either for fun or for career, is an exhilarating moment. Jumping onto an aeroplane and flying off, will quickly squeeze thousands of memories into your life album. Sharing the skies with family and friends, makes the value of the moment unimaginable. In earning your wings, Jet O’Clock has one and only aim, to walk along with you, from the very first step of your pilot training journey, until the moment you unfold your wings and safely…fly on your own!

Get a Pilot License

With Jet o’Clock you can obtain an EASA airplane Private Pilot License. We strive to share our passion with beginner pilots and offer them the best flight experience. For any questions please feel free to contact by phone or email. 

Pre-entry Requirements

Theoretical Knowledge

To obtain your Private Pilot License you must first complete the theoretical knowledge of the course.

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