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Our Story

Jet O’Clock was founded in 2019, and although young in age, it managed to become leader in private air charter, acquisitions of private aircraft and providing courses to ambitious students. The market gap – as well as the peculiarities – of the general and corporate aviation in the S/E Europe, for service providers willing and able to assist their clients in identifying and addressing their needs in the most efficient yet effective way, has formed the underlying concept that sprung Jet O’Clock into life. Jet O’Clock is a fresh yet mature aviation endeavour, reminding everyone of the famous quote…“age is just a number”.

Our founder

George Koumis, founder of Jet O’Clock, is a renowned aviator with a keen eye for detail and an extraordinary passion for flying and instructing. An inherently positive individual, George is backed by an expertise acquired over two decades that spans across the commercial, corporate and general aviation. Going beyond his active role as an Airbus A320 captain, George is a keen advocate of quality, innovation and supports a client-centric approach.

Our Services

Jet O’Clock is here to suggest endless possibilities, tailor-made around your very specific aviation needs. Our convertible slogan “fly (on) your own” is a true representation of our service range. Whether you want to “fly on your own” or “fly your own…on your own” it’s now all within arm’s reach.  Sky is not your limit anymore…

Pilot Training

Your Asset. Your Control. Always.

Ownership Consulting

Dream it. Get it. Love it.


Privacy. On Request. On Time.

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