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With your specific needs in mind, we guard against aircraft ownership nightmares, by offering bespoke aircraft acquisition consulting, and comprehensive ownership solutions, to existing and prospective aircraft owners.

The "Rule of 70%"

Before acquiring a new aircraft is a good idea to tailor your thoughts to what is more important to you and how you will use the aircraft. A good starting point is, “How will I use the aircraft on 70% of my trips?”

– How many passengers do I need to carry?

– How far do I need to fly?

– How fast do I need to fly?

Aircraft Management

Our brand name, “jet o’clock”, describes the way your asset should be made available to you…round-the-clock ready to go! Backed by a dedicated team, we predictively take care of all the tasks and responsibilities involved in aircraft operations. From the regulatory compliance, to the maintenance planning, the on-demand flight scheduling and execution, the airport arrangements, plus a lot more, Jet O’Clock applies a systemic management strategy that optimizes the ownership experience. Let us manage your asset in a headache-free style! 

Mixing pleasure & business

One of the most popular methods of ROI while owning an aircraft is that you can combined private & corporate use. In other words, during the days you won’t use the aircraft you can rent it out to other private pilots and charters.

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